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With our streamlined EIT implementation method we guide all the way to success.

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Step 1

Technical setup

  1. Choose the operational flexibility that suits your organization best by opting for EIT's private EIT Cloud, providing robust data protection and compliance measures for GDPR compliance, with secure data storage in Sweden. Alternatively, deploy EIT in-house to maintain complete control over your system.

  2. Effortlessly integrate EIT with your existing systems, including MS Azure, MS Active Directory, CMDB, ITSM, HR systems, incident management systems, and more, without the need for any programming.

    Our powerful EIT Import & Export Engine ensures seamless configuration and smooth data transfers, empowering your organization with enhanced integration capabilities.

Step 2

Streamline data

  1. Review and refine your synced data to ensure its accuracy and completeness. EIT's intelligent adaptation capabilities optimize the utilization of imported data, further enhancing your business operations.

  2. Prepare your business context for seamless integration with EIT. Our comprehensive support includes a one-day administrator training led by our expert team at Acrea. Acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage and unlock the full potential of EIT within your organization.

Step 3

Activate processes

  1. Building upon the completed administrator training, our team of Acrea experts provides ongoing advisory support to seamlessly integrate EIT into your existing systems and processes. Experience a smooth transition as EIT establishes a strong foundation for data-driven governance.

  2. With EIT in place, operational excellence becomes a reality. Harness the power of data-driven decision-making and witness the transformative impact it has on your organization's performance. 

  3. Rest assured, our unwavering commitment to full backward compatibility ensures a seamless transition and uninterrupted functionality, even with future EIT versions. Embrace the future with confidence, knowing that EIT will evolve with your evolving needs.