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  • Seamlessly adapt EIT to your organization, processes, systems, and data.

  • Say goodbye to scattered solutions and embrace a single holistic system for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Experience swift implementation and maintain complete control throughout the process with fast and efficient deployment.

  • Choose between EIT Cloud (Sweden) or in-house operations for flexibility and peace of mind.

  • Unlock immediate return on investment (ROI) with the comprehensive capabilities of EIT.

  • Streamline governance, risk management, and compliance with a unified and highly configurable platform.

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documents and data-driven governance

EIT Play

  • A service seamlessly integrated with EIT.

  • Keep working with existing document sources.

  • Automatically transforms all kinds of steering documents, agreements, protocols and decisions into data-driven governance.

  • Reduces implementation per document from months/years/never to days/hours/minutes.


EIT Play+

  • A service seamlessly integrated with EIT.  

  • Data-driven and automated regulatory compliance.

  • Subscribe to data like EU directives and regulation, national law and agency policies, standards, etc.

  • Reduces implementation per item from months/years to weeks/days/hours.


Customizable start pages

  • Access all GRC data in one centralized location for all users.

  • Intuitive interface eliminates the need for end-user training.

  • Managers can easily follow up on their organization's activities.

  • Effortlessly add and customize tabs and widgets for compliance reporting, risk assessments, incident management, training, task management, and more.

  • Empower your organization with comprehensive functionality at your fingertips.

adapts to organizational changes


  • Flexibility to accommodate all types of organizational and legal structures, divisions, departments, entities, business roles and personnel.

  • Accommodate all necessary external organizational data, for example consultants, suppliers and partners.

  • Effortless import of data from existing sources, whether in-house or in the cloud, including Microsoft Azure.

  • Automated adaptation to organizational changes, ownership, personnel, and assigned tasks across all EIT modules. Stay agile and responsive to evolving organizational dynamics.

comprehensive asset management

Assets and data processing

  • Efficiently manage a wide range of business and IT assets, including customer products, services, processes, IT systems, data centers, and more.

  • Streamline ownership, asset structures, and information flows for effective governance.

  • Ensure GDPR compliance by mapping and registering internal and external data processing, legal basis, and processing reasons using EIT's robust features.

  • Classify assets and data processing, conduct risk assessments, and generate compliance reports effortlessly.

  • Connect incidents and other cases seamlessly for holistic management.

  • Leverage ITIL and other workflows to streamline operations.

  • Automate data imports from existing sources, such as ITSM and CMDB systems, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

  • Stay in control with EIT's powerful asset management capabilities.

flexible risk management

Risks and assessments

  • Tailor risk models and assessment methods to align with diverse business contexts seamlessly.

  • Centralize all risk perspectives, data, and action plans within a unified platform, covering areas such as corporate risk management, operational risk management, business services, processes, IT assets, data processing, and third-party risks.

  • Automatically trigger risk classifications based on assessments for efficient risk categorization.

  • Effortlessly assign assessment tasks to relevant stakeholders, including business managers, process owners, and system owners.

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of all risks, along with associated mitigating actions and controls, empowering you to make informed decisions.

  • Enhance your risk management capabilities with EIT's customizable features.

Streamlined governance and compliance management

Business goals, controls, reporting and audits

  • Seamless Integration with the EIT Play and EIT Play+ services, enhancing your compliance capabilities.

  • Effortlessly address all your reporting requirements, whether they pertain to regulations, internal policies, agreements, steering documents, protocols, or any other compliance-related needs.

  • Automate targeting and reporting requests across your organization, third parties, asset owners, data processing contexts, classification triggers, and more.

  • Import compliance reports automatically from various data sources, ensuring a comprehensive view of your organization's compliance status.

  • Efficiently plan and conduct audits based on real-time business compliance data, while effectively managing findings and action plans within a centralized platform.

tailor your cases, workflows and whistleblowing processes

Incidents, cases and workflows

  • Adapt EIT to Meet the 2019/1937 EU Whistleblowing Directive.

  • Customize reporting forms and contexts to align with your specific needs.

  • Tailor resolution processes and workflows to streamline case management.

  • Monitor case progress automatically and receive customized alerts for timely actions.

  • Activate intranet integration effortlessly with a single click.

  • Access comprehensive follow-up overviews and detailed information on submitted cases.

  • Import existing case data from spreadsheets and other files with ease.

  • Integrate with external data sources to automatically import incidents and case data, providing a comprehensive overview and facilitating efficient processing.

Empower Your Organization with Comprehensive Training Solutions

e-Learning and training

  • Effortlessly create engaging e-based courses and tests using intuitive drag-and-drop features, similar to creating a slide presentation.

  • Adopt NanoLearning approach to break courses into smaller, user-friendly modules for enhanced engagement and measurable progress.

  • Establish approval conditions, limits, and retests to ensure training effectiveness.

  • Configure the training order, whether nano-based or otherwise, and let EIT automatically target and monitor users' progress.

  • Gain a complete overview and detailed insights into all training activities.

Enhance Collaboration and Productivity with Team Workspaces

Workspaces and projects

  • Seamlessly integrate risk assessments, events, case actions, and compliance reporting into projects for comprehensive action.

  • Utilize workspaces to easily share files and documents among team members.

  • Efficiently plan tasks and assign responsible individuals.

  • Benefit from automatic task monitoring and customized alerts.

  • Ensure confidentiality with a members-only feature that restricts administrator access.

Streamlined Integration and data Exchange

Import and Export engine

  • Effortlessly automate recurring imports and exports of data.

  • Enjoy the flexibility of manual imports and exports when needed.

  • Seamlessly integrate with any data source, whether in-house or in the cloud.

  • Experience unlimited possibilities for data integrations.

  • Stay informed with import monitoring and processing alerts.

  • Benefit from popular EIT integrations, including Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Azure, HR systems, ITSM systems, CMDB systems, incident systems, and more.

Ensure Secure and Customized Access for Your Business

Users and permissions

  • Grant data access in EIT modules based on assigned permissions.

  • Tailor permission profiles to control menu access and data permissions.

  • Effortlessly synchronize user accounts from various data sources, including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Active Directory, and other LDAP services.

  • Automatically create user accounts based on organization data from HR and other business systems.

  • Streamline permission profile assignments to user accounts through automated imports.

  • Experience over 99.7% automation of user permission management.