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  • From private sector to public sector, small organizations to large enterprises, EIT seamlessly adapts to your unique business, processes, systems, and data.

  • Replace or integrate scattered solutions with one holistic system for comprehensive governance and real-time follow-up.

  • Choose between EIT Cloud (Sweden) or in-house deployment options, ensuring flexibility and control.

  • Experience immediate return on investment (ROI) with the power of EIT.

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EIT and Public Sector

EIT is the perfect match for public sector organizations, delivering unparalleled support in your governance, risk, and compliance efforts.

With advanced features and intuitive functionalities, EIT enables agencies to efficiently manage internal and regulatory requirements, enhance data security, and ensure accountability.

From business goals, compliance and proactive risk management to performance monitoring, EIT provides a centralized platform for seamless integration, real-time insights, and comprehensive reporting.

With extensive configurability, EIT empowers public sector entities to streamline processes, enhance transparency, and optimize decision-making.

Public Sector in Sweden. Acrea is sub-supplier of EIT, EIT Cloud, EIT Play, and EIT Play+ via the framework agreement Programvarulösningar with Kammarkollegiet, agreement period 2023-02-18 to 2027-02-17.



Monitoring agencies

County councils and municipalities

EIT and Private Sector

EIT is the ultimate solution for private sector organizations, offering unmatched assistance in your governance, risk, and compliance endeavors.

With its cutting-edge capabilities and user-friendly features, EIT empowers businesses to effectively navigate internal and regulatory obligations, fortify data protection, and uphold accountability.

Whether it's compliance adherence, proactive risk mitigation, or performance monitoring, EIT serves as a centralized hub for seamless integration, real-time analytics, and comprehensive reporting.

Leveraging its extensive configurability, EIT enables private sector entities to streamline operations, foster transparency, and maximize informed decision-making.

Corporate Governance

Banking and finance



Energy & recycling


Transport and logistics


Health and social care


Consultancy firms

Medicine and pharma

Software, cloud and tech

Retail and e-business


Lottery and betting

And many more...